Have you heared of Bamboo Portable Power-bank ?!

Along with the raising level of consumption, consumer electronics has entered into the era of rapid expansion, so, the portable charger market is heating up. However, when facing with so many portable mobile power supply, how should we select? Today, the Premium Bamboo Collection Portable Power-bank is introduced to you!

Premium Bamboo Collection Portable Powerbank

The Bamboo Series  Power-banks’ style like the bamboo, and it is in green. Thus, you will get the impression on it with Nature, comfortable and Fresh. With its Bionics Dul-Arc Design Consummate Ergonomics design concept, It is super grip, and not to hurt the hand, taking more comfortable. What’s more, it’s a innovation of tradition culture, the design philosophy of bamboo is a symbol of loving nature .In addition, make a fashion classic, Bamboo design products is less and less.

Security is the core of portable mobile power supply .At our Accessories Phone Gala.com, you will buy the quality and quantity assured products. The Bamboo Series is a patented product. You don’t need to be afraid of its safety, our products undergo strict product testing procedures, to give consumers a safe and reliable product. The Bamboo Portable Power-bank is quality and high conversation rate guarantee. Its multiple safety protection system to ensure device safety protection for over-charge, over-voltage, over -current and short circuit.

The biggest difference among Bamboo Collection is Capacity. TL24 is in 2600mAh. While TL25 is 5200mAh and TL29 is 13000mAh.The prices are from $12.99 to$34.99.

Here are the reasons for choosing the Bamboo Series Portable Chargers:

  • High compatibility. It’s compatible with PSP NDS, Camera, MP3, iPad table PCS, Samsung, iphone and other phone.
  • Much Interface. Dual interface support + multi interface, it can make the tablet computer and the intelligent mobile phone charge at the same time.
  • LED Display. It’s a intimate design, very practical in dark environment; open long by 5 seconds, and 5 seconds long closed.
  • Convenient. Protection structure design, it’s suitable for business travel and outdoor use.

Select portable charge, choose Bamboo Collection Portable Power-bank. Welcome to visit Accessories Phone Gala.com to search for your favorite.

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