Get the Incipio NGP matte case for your iPhone 5S/5

In the market for cellphone accessories, most people are on the lookout for novelty. With every hand holding an iPhone 5S these days, the covers and shells are the only ways that one can distinguish their phones from another. Thus, the market for cellphone covers and cases has become vast and varied these days. You will find a wide collection of such accessories which come in different materials, finishes, structures, designs and colors to suit the fancy of the iPhone owners.

Incipio® NGP Impact Resistant Case for iPhone 5S 5, Purple

One such novel iPhone case is the NGP matte case by the Incipio brand. The NGP series of translucent cases have received an overwhelming response from the market and it is now time to try the other novel designs of this range. This matte case is different and offers an anti shock property due to the smooth and matte finish of the case. The case is designed such that it wraps around the iPhone completely. The company has developed the expertise of making such cases which has helped it to grow and today, Incipio has offices in Asia and Europe while it is headquartered at Irvin, California. The company is focused on bringing in diverse choices in covers, cases, shells and pouches for the iPhone. The company has a team of mechanical engineers and industrial graphic designers to ensure that their state of the art covers have amazing and innovative styles and looks which prompt people to take up their products.

Incipio® NGP Impact Resistant Case

This Incipio® NGP Impact Resistant Case  is tear and stretch resistant. Thus, even after months of use, you will not find any form of wear or tear on the case. Such matte cases are available in different colors; you could opt for the NGP matte case in purple which is a shocking shade and will surely turn heads when you take out your phone.

If you are wondering where to go to shop for this item, try the site This site has a wide range of the Incipio cases and covers on sale. June is a month when this site has a number of exciting deals on. If you are shopping for your girlfriend or if you are a father gifting such a case to your daughter, you will surely be able to get this great gift item at a discounted price at this site. The product is currently available at $6.99 which is a steal considering the original price being $19.99.

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