Everything you need to know for your desktop PC

The M81 tower PC has fast and powerful PC. The transfer of the information is done with SATA III. The production is enhanced with four individual displays in isolated graphic mode. The Intel Stable Image Platform Program gives inline and stable platform for the components. This helps to increase the software stability and decreases the need for changing the driver. The M81 is built on order specification so that it can handle multiple business processes. It also has Intel Standard Manageability in order to save time and maintenance. It is easy with a tool less framework. It needs hand on maintenance.

ThinkCentre M81

Trusted Platform Module chip, Lenovo’s Hardware Password Manager, Rescue and Recovery features in the PC help to keep your data safe. It has been tested for reduction in thermal heat, vibration. Provides longer life and is good for the environment because Lenovo Power Manager uses the energy effectively.

The important features are 1 core i5 2400 /3.1 GHz processor with 4 GB RAM. Hard disk drive is of 1 x 320 GB. It has DVD with read and writes function. Now you can watch on the DVD and make one for yourself by editing with this feature. 2000 HD graphics add to the beauty of the pictures. The PC works on Windows 7 Pro 64- bit.

It is easy to function on Windows &. Entertainment could not get better. Editing of the videos and audios is possible, recording can be done. Hence it is the best option. Everyday task are made simple on the PC. Managing Windows is easier because of snap, peek and shake features. You can share files and printers with other Window 7 processors on the network. Windows search enables you to find any video or audio.

This mainstream desktop PC has everything it takes for your enterprise to excel, starting with a powerful and fast processor. Transfer data faster with SATA III, and maximize productivity with support of up to four independent displays in discrete graphics mode. The sleep and resume time is reduced. It takes the maximum advantage of power and multi tasking potential with 64 bit PCs. Windows Media Centre helps to watch, pause, rewind and record any TV program. Free cloud storage is also available. Windows Live Mesh makes synchronization of files possible where as Windows Live helps to get clear photos during live video chats. Get this PC now from 123ink.ca.

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