Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet printer for professional photo prints

The Artisan series from Epson is a unique series of printers which have state of the art printing technology and incorporate several innovative features. If you opt for an inkjet printer from Epson in this series, you will find features like printing directly from DVD or CDs. This collection of printers is unique and you would want to know all the features that such inkjet printers can include in order to decide whether you would like to opt for one.

Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet Printer

With Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet printer  are designed in such ways that innovation and imagination are blended in together. The Artisan collection has stylish and compact printer designs. They are perfect for printing photos of high resolution which depict depth, clarity and richness of images. If you have text or images in CDs or DVDs, these printers can easily print out the images directly. That helps you to print out itineraries, emails and documents easily. The print speed of such printer far surpasses that of other printer brands. An Artisan printer can print at the rate of 38 ppm which is by far much more than other printers in the market. When you need speed and high performance, the Artisan range is what you need to turn to.

If you opt for an Epson Artisan printer of model number C11CA45202, you will experience high definition prints due to the six color ink cartridge system embedded in such machines. The photos that you can print from such a printer will be able to resist smudges, water or scratches. The printer can be set to duplex printing mode and get ISO speed print set up as well. The photos printed are of lab quality and you can get professional prints out of this printer. The individual ink cartridges make it easy to replace only the color that is needed. The energy star certification ensures that the machines work in an energy efficient manner.

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