Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Combo Set

With the development of science and technology, Canon breakthrough in terms of its material product portfolio, including Ink Cartridge of course. It’s new product portfolio can further to save energy and enhance monochrome print quality, improve print gloss and color gamut, and can greatly save the cost. Now, I’ll take you feel about breakthrough of the Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Combo Set.

Canon PG-210XL,CL-211XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Combo Set

The highlights of Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl :
1, The use of energy efficient Ink Cartridge Combo Set, can save up to 35% of the energy consumption in each printing paper.
2,In view of the Conno new printer Ink Cartridge, the toner gloss and color range increased more respectively.
3, Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Combo Set.
Injection increase the accuracy and integration in the smaller volume of the cartridge more technology, greatly reduced the printer cover an area of space to make the smallest double-face automatic Conno laser printers.
4,You perform a demand lower the customer provides the low purchase price, for $29.99.
5, Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl, make each page of the printing costs by 33%, at the same time also greatly reduces the prophase purchasing price. And help the user to achieve cost savings of 37%.

Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl Combo Set can provide high quality photos on all kinds of medium grade print. Compared with previous Conon color toner, this toner gloss and color gamut to improve a lot. Due to have more wide color gamut, higher gloss and clarity, Canon PG – 210 xl/CL – 211 xl on the color strength and picture quality has significantly increased, and the text and image clearer. Canno solutions to provide users with a variety of consumables cost, different types of material can meet the needs of different users, such as Jane black ink cartridge is suitable for the users and print the draft does not need to save time is too long; And standard cartridges can meet the demand of daily print, and in the ascent of the output will have certain effect; Value suit is very suitable for printing, often perform a relatively larger user, value set to reduce the purchase and replacement frequency, and value sets can help the user to save the overall purchase cost; Professional ink cartridge for the professional users of high output quality.

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