Buy the LC41Y Compatible Yellow Ink Cartridge – all for $1.99!

A color printer comes with 3 colored pigments – magenta, cyan and yellow – which combine together in different ratios to give you all other colors. If the printer runs out of even one pigment, expect your prints to have different colors than what you see on screen. If your Brother Printer has fallen short of the yellow pigment, we suggest you to buy the LC41Y New Compatible Yellow Ink Cartridge, available at only $1.99 at the

Brother LC41Y New Compatible Yellow Ink Cartridge

The website is an e-commerce website offering a plethora of products from different manufacturers for your technology needs. We highly recommend you to visit our website for buying the LC41Y compatible ink cartridge and other similar products and we guarantee you to give you an unmatched shopping experience.

It will interest you in knowing that a compatible cartridge is one that is manufactured by a third party manufacturer instead of the manufacturer of original equipment. Compatible cartridges are not the shady counterfeits that you have to be wary of. These cartridges are produced from good quality and new components and provide exactly the same printing experience as an original cartridge if not the same. However, these come at a fraction of price at which the original cartridges are available. You will even get the same yield of pages as you get with an original cartridge. So if you are looking for an economical printing solution, we recommend buying the LC41Y New compatible cartridge.

The Brother LC41Y is compatible with various printers manufactured by Brother under various series. For more details on the compatibility, visit the ink and toners section at You will discover that this cartridge is compatible with exactly the same printers as an original one and you will face absolutely no trouble in positioning it in the printer To answer your concerns over quality, allow us to tell you that the manufacturers have passed the ISO14001 certificate and also ISO9001 for quality assurance.
Other Specifications of the New Compatible Yellow Ink Cartridge:

  • Model name: LC41Y
  • Color of pigment is Yellow
  • A compatible cartridge
  • It has a shelf life of 2 years
  • It yields up to 500 pages (which is much better than the original yield of 400)

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