Buy DCI® Magic Frog to Prince as a present for your child’s birthday

Your child’s birthday is coming up and you still cannot decide which gift you should give him? You’ve had previous occasions where you’ve given a gift which did not catch his interest and really want to surprise him with your gift and make him totally happy? So here we are with DCI Magic Frog to prince. As this name only sounds very magical so is the thing. Though turning a frog into a prince is not an easy task which anyone can do. It requires a skill to do it. First you need to find a prince which arouse from fairytales that has been magically changed into a frog. Then you need to be a princess with somehow falls in love with this prince. She has to be with some serious clout in the true love department. But all thank to FMAG we have found a whole load of magic frogs that can be turned into princes by those who does not have much enchantment breaking skills. But frog to prince can be achieved easily by just putting our little green fellows in some cold water under 72 hours .Then wait for magic to happen. You are aware of the fact that Amphibian creatures are in love with water and they love to be in water for hours without any discomfort. Then after 72hours of long wait you find a charming prince in a place of frog other than the local wine bar or IT department at work?

DCI® Magic Frog to Prince

How this magic frog actually really works? This question must be running in your mind till now. You just need to open black cap of a clear container and fill it with cold water than frog starts to bubble after few minutes the frog will turn into prince, then you have to remove previous water and filled it with clean water within 72hours you see a big and full grown up prince. First you want believe your eyes on what you are seeing but it is really true. A frog has turn into prince charming. This is a lovely little plastic frog kept in a magical clear container which blossoms frog into prince charming. But do keep one point in mind that this phenomenon works only with cold water only. It measures up to 9cm*6.5cm.

The process of Magic Frog to Prince

So as per our fairytale of princess kiss to frog and then it turn into a prince is not needed anymore. DCI frog to prince reflects our modern lifestyle where results are expected very fast. Hope till now you must have decided what to gift your child in this birthday. So don`t waste your time and book it now by just visiting are website and place your order and then let the magic begin.

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