Best Review for HP 61XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge High Yield Combo Set – New Chip

Our cheap but high quality HP re engineering aspects HP 61XL-Combo-New Version cartridge recycling from the original product is called HP 61XL-Combo-New Version ink to ensure that the product is environmentally friendly,12 steps of the product from the factory refurbished strict procedures to ensure the quality to meet the same standards and OEM products.

About HP 61XL ink cartridge  zero carbon. That is contained in the ink particle diameter tends to 0, which is to say the long-term use does not jam the nozzle, which is compatible with the key box is that you accept. On the green environmental protection. The use of PP or HIPS compound degradation, add ingredients, it decompose and applicability, its flexibility is good, reduce the pollution of the environment. A variety of colors. According to the characteristics of different printer ink is adjusted and the ratio of the ink composition and color, to ensure the printing colorful, relatively resistant to ultraviolet, anti self outside ability strong, print the photo album can be lasting bright color such as new. A sharp and clear picture quality. The use of carbon zero technology, edge is sharp, clear writing, no burr.

On the print quantity: Vacuum ink filling, innovation to the ink technology, less residual ink, ink cartridges use rate in the front of the brand. The ink flow, a new Taiwan chip and nozzle, American filter and sponge,filled with imported carbon zero technology material ink, print smooth. The super compatible, production data, production process and the original, 100% compatible with the original use, without any block. On the cost saving, the prerequisite to meet the quality of individual and ordinary office environment print select Dory brand supplies, a year can save the cost of printing and print smooth over 85%. No pungent smell, print will not have unpleasant smell of printing ink (except the special products). About the price, stable quality, best price must be in the number of printing supplies store, with the people’s Republic of China Import / export dual qualifications, 90% of export productsare sold to Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast asia.

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