Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clip Holder for Table/Desk/Bed/etc.

Whether you due to your arms for a long time with a cell phone and the time is too long and cause cervical pain, Angle of deformity, arm ache, etc. I believe you must have this problem! But now, Your savior is here! I will introduce you to the universal 5”-7” adjustable hands free tablet clip holder. Not only can you put it in Table、Desk、Bed、Kitchen counter,but also using it to learn dance, learn yoga, fitness and so on. Allow you to correct your bad habits and fully enjoy the pleasure of tablet.

Universal 5”-7” Adjustable Hands Free Tablet Clip Holder f

LM-Tab7-Clip clamp holder set include 5” and 7” holders: 5” holder for 3.5”-5.5” smart phones and 7” holder for most 7”-8” tablets.The bendable tube is 250mm With this set, you can work at desk or enjoy in the bed with your device. Our Tablet Clip Holder adjust the thickness of the screw, the apple type Angle, no longer worry about flat rock, the Angle over the screen。It can swing up and down ninety degrees rotation and 360 read, meet more angles. All upgrade universal head device! 3 d rotation, arbitrary Angle debugging!And it can clip 6.5 CM (or desktop) of the head of a bed, with imported silicone gaskets protect fixture increase the force area! Firmly!” Each interface has cushions, rubber protection, all-round protection tablets, without having to worry about tablet computer or mobile phone will be scratched. New thickness adjustment function, avoid shaking, and are free to adjust the Angle.With all metal carbon steel material, never deformation never rust!

This fashion and convenient Clip Holder Clamp holder is suitable for a lazy man like you. I believe that you already have a little bit of echocardiography. Don’t wait any longer, Log in our website to learn more about related product information.We will provide you with the most affordable price $12.99 and save 56% until Jun 20, 2014. Hurry to snap up!

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