A brief introduction of IdeaWerkTM Desktop 3D Printer

The 3D Printer provides a synergy of performance and convenience with no match to other printer in its class. It assembles easily and uses patented technology to make 3D printing simple and efficient for all types of projects. Its design is sturdy enough to handle even the toughest jobs, but lightweight enough to be portable. The printing process is controlled with a touch screen panel for file selection and job initiation. Its advance algorithm provides really improved quality printed objects. It can print with detailed precision at a 0.18 mm layer thickness.

IdeaWerk™ Desktop 3D Printer

The IdeaWerkTM 3D Printer is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS, as well as many previous versions. This machine provides you patented fashion designs through extra fine printing accuracy up to 0.05mm. Saves time through its high speed printing which ranges from 50-300 cm3/hr. Its speed can be judged as it is 3 times faster than the similar products in its class. 3.5 inch HD LCD screen enables you to observe the minute details. No extra software is required for installation. Simple plug and play. This 3D printer provides offline printing facility. There is no need to keep your computer attached to it all the time. Its extended memory saves the images of the desired product and keeps it printing even without any external network or computer support.

Very quick and easy to assemble. Acquires less shipping space. Thanks to its latest and fine technology, after sales services cost has been minimized. Easy and cheap maintenance cost. This 3D Desktop printer is not only used for official projects. You can custom print items for home accessories, create replacement parts, can gift custom made products, custom kitchenware, jewelry etc.

PLA (polylactide) 3D printer filament is used as a raw material. This material is cheap in price, produce good smell in heating, and has less wrapping and shrinking issues, available in both opaque and clear colors, slow cooling down feature and low thermal resistance.

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