3CPS 10 sheets micro-cut paper shredder

Information, in this era is the most powerful tool. The more information gets sensitive, more its security becomes essential. In our daily working routine, we gain and share lots of information. Our working papers contains sensitive and confidential information and data. In some cases we discard the sensitive information and throw it to the dustbin considering it completely discarded. Our competitors, however, keeps looking in our trash cans to get the desired information even from the discarded papers. To totally discard the data to its secured level, you must need a shredder and that too not a simple shredder but 3CPS 10 sheets micro-cut paper shredder is the absolute requirement.

Micro-Cut Paper Shredder with Drawer Basket and Wheels

Information / identity theft through discarded papers often turns out to be the biggest tragedy for the relevant person / organization. To avoid these tragedies, the 10 sheets micro cross cut paper shredder can be your best choice for shredding needs. 3CPS micro cut paper shredder is the only effective method to keep your sensitive and confidential information out of the hands of those looking for it through illegal channels or peeping through your junk yard.

Paper shredder intelligently operates. It has an LCD screen which shows the accurate position of the shredder processes such as ON, Reverse etc. When the bin basket gets filled its LCD screen starts blinking ‘BIN FULL’. This machine has auto start/stop function. When the machine is plugged into power, it automatically goes to standby mode. As soon as a paper fits in its throat, it automatically starts shredding it and automatically stops after it gets fully shredded. It intelligently evaluates its position and circumstances around it. For example when the bin gets filled it stops further shredding and starts blinking the error. Further when it gets over heated, shredder stops further working and gives pop up notification. This does not conclude to only papers. This amazing shredder also has another throat to shred credit cards etc. and CD/DVDs. It has 8.66” wide throat and 22.7 liters waste bins. It has a wheel and drawer basket design which makes its portability very convenient. It can be easily moved from one place to another through it intelligent hardware design.

If you need a personal or official paper shredder for all of your shredding needs, the 3CPS 10 sheets micro cut shredder is the perfect solution. Visit our website 123inkcartridges.ca add your desired product into the cart and get relaxed. Rest is our job to provide excellent services to our clients’ at most reasonable rates.



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