Your Ultra Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter Review

Looking for a simple solution to taking photo,without spending too much?I will recommend you the iPega Self-Timer Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter which capable of self-timer, facilitating self photo-taking, without installing any software.Also I would like to inform all of you that we will offering this new bluetooth remote control camera shutter at the unbeatable price on our web site $19.99,while the prime price is $24.99.this will be definitely a great deal.I am sure you will always come out great idea to exploit this little powerful if you are looking for fun solution to take photo that can be controlled by Remote Control,this content is definitely helpful for you.

Let’s start with its 5 key functions:power ON/Off, Bluetooth pairing, camera, Android configuration, IOS configuration.Thanks to the strap hole design make it easy to carry when on the go.As good as the Bluetooth connection which support 10 meters self control, if you actually take a lot of photos outside , you will realize that its 130mAh Built-in lithium battery is really a great capacity which allows you  take about 60000 pictures by each fully charge. and you are basically using your finger gently press to control it.and one more thing I love about this item is I don’t actually need to buy  an extra USB’s all included inside as package (phone not included).

One thing you need to Note is that it only compatible with IOS system 5.0 above versions devices and parts of Android system smartphones like Samsung Galaxy i9220/ i9250/ i9300 /i9500 /i9190 /Note2/ Note3.

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