Kogeto Pitch Black Dot for iPhone 5S/5/4S

The Kogeto Pitch Black Dot is more than a lens for your iPhone.It’s really a fast and fun way to shoot fully-interactive 360 degree video which you can then share instantly with your friends online.It’s also easy to ues,to begin with you need to snap it on your phone, shoot a panoramic video so called “Dotspots”,then post to facebook, twitter, or kogeto.com. Or you can just email it to someone you love – all from our free app. It’s so convenient right?I am sure you will  always come out great idea to exploit this little powerful dot.by paying the price which is currently selling at the much cheaper price than before so it is $14.99,while the prime price is $49.99.this will be definitely a great deal, I personally put it first on my order.

Beyond that,you can also Snap Dot onto your iPhone (currently shipping models), download our free Looker app, and press record.it will capture everything around you-Capture the crowd and the band. Film the beach at the same time as the sand volleyball team. Record a virtual tour of your dorm without missing a thing.The video on your screen is only the beginning. Swipe or click and drag across the screen to swivel around in 360°. Or switch modes and view all 360 at once in super-widescreen. You get to see everything.I believe that it will be a amazing gadget  for the upcoming summer season !

For more iPhonecase or iphone accessories you can always check our phonegala.com web site or weekly special in 123ink.ca for more info and we welcome you to give us some feedback so we can continue to grow and develop.

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