How to Installing Epson T060120 to your Epson Stylus C68 printer ?

Many users ask “Why the procedure of replacing Epson ink are so complicated compare to other brand of ink?” That’s because Epson want to  protect their own technology,according to changes the design of their chips every few months.So,today I am going to spend some content to talk about this and I hope it  will helpful for you.As long as you follow the instructions step by step,your problem will be well solved.

Epson T060120 OEM Black Ink Cartridge

The first thing you need to do is Check the manufacture date of your printer.than move the next step,When installing Epson ink, you may face a problem such as “No Ink” or “Not recognized”, to solve such problem, here is the procedure you need to take:

  • Turn on the printer; take out the old used cartridges
  • Turn off the printer for a few minutes
  • Turn on the printer, when it says “insert inks”, and then insert the compatible cartridges one by one, making sure the inks are sitting completely in the slots.

If all the method fail to work, here comes to the final step:
Clean the head of the cartridge with an alcohol swab, and shake it lightly before fitting into the printer. Finally, update the driver of the printer to make sure the most recent driver is compatible for all cartridges. the number one source for printer ink cartridges and laser printer toner cartridges in Canada,Whether you need original OEM inkjet cartridges, compatible new or remanufactured printer ink cartridges, and laser toner cartridges, we have the solution for your printing needs.

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