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Looking a way to hook up your computer to your TV but your TV doesn’t have a VGA input? That is VGA Converter comes in.which will convert a VGA computer display signal into a composite (Yellow RCA) and S-video TV display signal.An amazing VGA where it pass through that helps keep your computer monitor connected while sending a signal to the TV. Because most outputs are driven simultaneously.

Its too simple to use,also offer you an ultra tuning controls so you can adjust the picture to your preference.The most interesting thing that I found is the power,as long as you connect to a USB port or a supplied USB power cable,charging immediately.You can actually produces a great picture for your TV,isn’t it sound amazing to you yet? This can be perfectly hook up your computer to your TV.And I would like to inform all of you that this VGA Converter currently selling at the much cheaper price than before,so its $29.99($82.36),it definitely a big deal for you.

What is on Box ?User manual/4ft s-video cable/4 ft composite (yellow RCA) cable/USB to power cable
4ft SVGA/VGA cable.

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