You really know SlimPort to VGA adapter?

Slimport™ micro USB to VGA adapter

Many people may wrongly consider that VGA adapter or adapter make little difference for your smart phone or Apple mac.But the truth is that a great adapter can really plays a big role.So, todayi would like to talk about this briefly.The new VGA adapter SlimPort is a tool that make possible for mobile device to a VGA monitor or projector.With Higher display resolution and richer color depth advantages,that can greatly help the mobile pictures or multimedia contents come to life on a big screen.Enjoy multi-screen productivity with the connection of a simple VGA Plug-N-Play connectivity on any HDTV, Monitor or Projector in the world without the need of an external power adapter.

In the meantime,the 60 frames per second allows you to enjoy the fun of games,videos and any other fast moving content without need to worry about any display artifacts.Additionally,the adapter also comes with a micro-USB receptacle to facilitate charging during the display including quick charging if supported by the mobile device and travel charger.

As another point of reference,lately,it make great improve that can fully compatible with LG Optimus G Pro SmartPhones.Plug-N-Play functionality with SlimPort enabled Optimus G Pro & LG G2 to any VGA display.

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