Which phone should you buy?


“I am wondering what type of phone should I to buy ?”It has become a very common problem for customers who want to buy mobile phones today.When you’re looking to buy a mobile phones apart from price and design the other most significant details are operating system and battery life.However,there are various superb phones such as Nexus 5,Blackberry,Motorola Droid Maxx,not need to mention Samsung’s Galaxy S4 or Note 3,HTC,Iphone 5s.Numerous choices.

On the positive side,more choice is a good thing,Prices may vary so it’s well worth shopping around before you making a decision.But the precondition is that you must have professional knowledge in this field.You need to find out the most suitable one for yourself.

For now,the latest released version mobile phone design with a new operating system,Android, iOS,and Windows Phone,Each one have their own advantages and disadvantages.Which operating system you use to your phone will depend on what you need.Android is the most commonly used software,so it’s easy for you to look to a phone that work with Android 4.1,4.2,or Android 4.3.And the new Nexus 5 may be the first smartphone capable of supporting Android 4.4 KitKat.In the mean time,the iPhones has the ability to receiving the same OS upgrade at the same time,but the latest OS is usually use for  multiple devices. Take iOS 7 for example,which run on the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and 4 but it is not work on iPhone 3GS or earlier model.And you don’t really need to worry about the price,The price of phones are always on a drop.

In a word,whether you choosing the latest released version mobile phone or a  practical one.I would recommend you to begin shopping around for the best deal.and think carefully what phone features you really want.


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