This is a miracle that iPad can not achieve ?

The Ultrathin android 4.2 tablet comes with 12.8mm ultra-narrow frame, for 9.7 inches tablet computer,its really an inconceivable miracle that iPad have yet to achieve top technology! The process of achieve the dream is somehow  strenuous.It goes beyond the flat design limits, once again narrowing the width of the border on both sides of the display, only 12.8mm ultra-narrow frame, including iPad border more than narrower.

Beyond belief,The new ” Onda V975 quad core ” the body is more extreme, 8.3mm slim body, than the same 9.7 inch iPad in the thin iPad 2 thin 0.5 mm, this is an amazing technological leap! 649g ultra lightweight.

“Onda V975 quad-core” third-generation IPS built 9.7 inches super clear screen, and with the world’s top technology Retina retina, resolution up to 2048 × 1536 pixels, staggering 3.1 million pixels and 264 PPI, with the Apple iPad 4 has the same screen resolution. Meanwhile, the 4: 3 aspect ratio of the display larger, while browsing pictures, e-books, web browsing, online video, and so has a distinct advantage.

The world’s fastest four seconds boot, OTA firmware upgrade a key.

Tablet PC dingpei! 5000000 Rear +200 million pre-HD camera.

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