Make your Cable professionally installed with Cable Management Kit

Cable Management Kit – White

Clean up your Cable with Cable Management Kit from PrimeCables !These are cover by a hinged plastic,it is easy to open and installed cables.Furthermore,both raceways and connectors of the Kit are shield with white plastic that can be painted to match your walls or decor.Each raceway has adhesive foam tape attached to the back side for easy installation onto a clean, dry surface, including slightly uneven surfaces. The raceways can be easily cut down to shorter lengths using a hacksaw.

Cable Management Kit from Primecables

When the Cable Management Kit close,the raceway measures 11/16″ between the latch lip and the edge of the hinged side. Vertically, it is 1/4″ at the edge and 3/8″ at the top of the dome. Under the latch lip, there is a space about 3/16″ x 3/16″.The kit includes four long (30″) and four short (9.25″) raceways, plus a variety of connection covers to fit almost any circumstance.Additional connection covers are available separately (use the links below).

Included in the Package:
4x MP-CMP01 30″ cable raceway
4x MP-CMP02 9 1/4″ cable raceway
1x MP-CMP03 “T” connection cover (Cab-8278)
2x MP-CMP04 “L” connection cover (Cab-8279)
3x MP-CMP05 straight connection cover (Cab-8280)
1x MP-CMP06 outer corner connection cover (Cab-8281)

Regardless how many cables you are using for Home theaters,it can be easy to get clutter-is the rats nest of wires.Cable Management Kit is a great way to cut down on cable clutter without sacrificing image quality.You will find it is totally worth the price and really glad by choosing this brand.

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