Kingjoy MP-1318A Monopod Review

Kingjoy MP-1318A Monopod

KINGJOY has been keeping the leading trend in profession and portability in the tripod industry. King joy’s classic twist lock tripod adopted speedy leg locking system that enables you lossen and lock each leg in one hand one time in just 1/8 circle rotation. Easy operation , quick locking and stable

It’s foam padded for a comfortable feel and secure hold in cold or wet conditions. If you don’t need the panning function, simply tighten the locking collar. The support feet can fold flush and lock into position against the monopod leg. The large rubber foot lets youwork on slippery surfaces

Kingjoy MP-1318A Monopod.

MP-1318A Photo/video monopods are equally at home with photo and video equipment.  And if you need to get your equipment up high or want an unusual perspective, you can, thanks to the lightweight design!

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