How to use a DSLR Camera ?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera

What’s DSLR ?DSLR refers to Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.Well,let’s start with the most important features shooting modes.Whether you are talking about Nikon camera or Canon camera,they have the same important functions-shooting modes.Other functions you need to learn are Full Automic Mode,Portrait Mode,Landscape Mode,Close-up Mode,Sports Mode.

Full Automic Mode is indicated when the green rectangle is open.This mode is inspired by the lighting conditions and other aspects of taking pictures.It can automatically all settings to match up the condition.I personally dislike this mode,which frequently cause the flash to speed up and its also inflexible for fast-moving sudjects.These two problems will not good for quality photos.

Portrait Mode,is most use to take photos on people’s face.A best Portrait can showing the details of their eyes,skin,tone,hair,and greatly focus on your face and blurring out the background. So it’s indicated by drawing a person’s face or profile.

Landscape Mode is most use when you’re taking a picture of mountains,It is excellent for taking distant scenery or capture the whole picture that you want to focus all aspects in your camera.When you open the Landscape Mode,the blues and greens will become more vivid.

Close-up Mode,is common use for flower pictures.When you use Close-up Mode,your camera will adjust itself and focus on flower and blurring out all the rest.Great for flowers,dew drops,or any kind of still life you want to shot with details.

Sports Mode,is totally design to capture super running the Sports Mode,your camera will adjust its speed as fast as possible so that you can capture the image in time.This mode is ideal for kids,animals,sporting events,or anything running so fast.

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