How to Install Open-Screw Banana Plugs ?

These open-screw banana plugs gives you the best connection between your speaker cable and your receiver unit.While,Install Open-Screw Banana Plugs is not merely a science,but really a tough test,but if you follow our step one by one,it will definitely simplify you installation process.

How to Install Open-Screw Banana Plugs

  1. First of all,you need to screw off the plug that located on the bottom
  2. Insert the wire via a small hole that was seated on the center of the bottom screw OR insert the wire through the hole lacated on the side,so that the speaker wire conductor can creat contact with the top of the plug.
  3. Screw up the bottom of the banana plug back up till it tightens down on the speaker wire,make sure it tightens to the banana plug.
  4. Then You’re done

Banana plugs make installing speakers much easier than before,you will no longer need to screw off the connectors that lie on the back of your receiver,or wrapping the speaker conductor.By using these banana plugs with banana plug holes.In the meanwhile,Attaching the banana plug to the speaker itself is also easy,These open faced banana plugs gives you the bility to feed some of the bare copper conductor into the hole and clamp it down with the screw.

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