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JINBEI Spark-300 Studio Strobe

JINBEI Spark-300 Studio Strobe.Price:$120.00 (was $159.80)
Aluminum alloy construction cover, firm and durable.Portable light,compact structure, suitable for outdoor photography.

JINBEI DP2-600 Studio Strobe

JINBEI DP2-600 Studio Strobe Price:$351.00
Aluminium alloy construction cover is firm and durable. High power cooling fan with air flow design ensure the request for long time and high pressure work.

JINBEI 70X140cm Softbox

JINBEI 70X140cm Softbox Price:$56.80
This is a Softbox with Bowens speedring. It’s front diffuser measures 70X140cm. The soft boxes has been developed to offer photographers the very highest-quality light source at a very modest cost.

JINBEI EF-100 LED Sun Light Continuous Light

JINBEI EF-100 LED Sun Light Continuous Light $348.00
100W high power LED light source is solid light-emitting components with standard color temperature, lighting luminous efficiency than traditional tungsten halogen 1000w quartz light energy-saving 90%. Over 100000 hours service life, it’s green environmental protection light source in new generation.

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