Frequently Asked Question:About DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort

Question 1 : What is DisplayPort?
Answer: DisplayPort is a new digital video and audio connection standard designed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It is a royalty-free technology designed primarily for the computer industry but also compatible for home theater application.

Question 2 : What”s the difference between DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort?
Answer: Mini DisplayPort is a more compact version of the orginial DisplayPort connector that was designed by Apple Computers and is found mostly on their newest MacBook laptops.

Question 3 : Why am I not getting any sound? / Why is the sound still playing on computer speakers?
Answer: Using “Sound” Settings under System Preferences, or using “Audio MIDI Setup” – select the “HDMI Audio Device” as the audio output. This will switch the audio out from the built in speakers to the adapter.

Question 4 : When I connect the mini dvi/mini displayport adapter to my mac my wifi signal drops or completely stops working.
Answer: There are several things that can cause these symptoms. Try the following:
1.) Ensure the adapter is connected and straight, not being bent or angled in any way. Having the Mac on a stand which causes the adapter to hang freely can cause issues as well.
2.) Try swapping the cable connected to the adapter.
3.) Try changing the channel of the wireless signal on your router. It may take several attempts to find one that works for your network. Some that have been reported to work the best are: Channel 1, 5, 6, and 8.

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