Does Apple’s iPhone 6 Really Coming ?

iPhone 6 First Impressions

Recently,There are many rumors says that Apple will launch the next version of the iphone-iphone 6 in September 2014,just as it did in September 2013 for the 5S and 5C.While one other report says that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 at its June 2014 Worldwide Developer’s Conference,it seems that we can not sure is true or rumor until it release.See more CNET.

According to the South China Morning Post reported February 12,2014.Apple will launch two larger screen sizes for iphone 6,one version will come in at 4.7 inches, while the other will feature a 5.5 inch display.The current models design with top 4 inches,Respectively.what screen size the Apple will offer,there are many debate.Overall,there is no official word from Apple “What is the design for new iphone6 ?””Will it follow the unmatched model iPhone 5S?”However,it is widely believed that the new smart phone will comes with a larger diaplay than the current iphone.

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Aside from talking screen size,some people also claimed that the iPhone 6 has upgrade a 5.5 inch wide Quad HD, aka, WQHD, display cover with sapphire material entirely,Reach high resolution of 1,440x 2,560 pixels as a display format for “leading-edge smartphones.” it will be “Remarkable” higher than that of the iPhone 5S’ 1,136×640-pixel resolution. making them markedly smaller than competing Android devices, like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.The analyst also indicated that  iPhone 6 contract price or as much as $299 !Whatever these news are rumor or plausible,We should handled it with our skepticism,which means we will have to wait until the new iphone model finally announced.

We will continue to update the news about Iphone 6 on Phonegala,see you on the next blog.

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