Buy one Network Cable Tester Get one RJ-45 Crimping Tool Free !

Network Cable Tester with RJ-45 Crimping Tool

I believe that most of you are familiar with the words DIY,it refers to “Do it yourself “.We can do a lot of things by ourself.such as mask,bookmarks,or gift box.But have you ever thought Do-it-yourself networking?If you crimp your own cables,you can save a lot of money.Using the Network Cable Tester enables you make and test a wide range of network cables with ease.And it also tests BNC cables.So,today I would like to share my own experience how i crimp my own cables to all of you.Another surprised is now you can Buy one Network Cable Tester Get one RJ-45 Crimping Tool Free,$16.99 only from

Network Cable Tester

This great cable tester is conforms with RJ45 cables,It can not only tells you if the cable passes or fails the test,but also indicates which pins fail and whether they are open, shorted, or crossed.It is easy to use,first of all you only need to holding both ends of the cable on your hands and then insert it to the tester.However,if you are intend to shorten or change the connector of your long cables at one end,this tester can’t tell you accurate whether you installed the rj45 connector or not.

RJ 45 Crimping tool

The RJ-45 Crimping Tool Kit is made to crimp RJ-45 plugs,All-steel handles (with padding) and crimp hammer,while the Built-in cable stripper with stop to ensure correct strip length.and one thing that i love about is its plastic shield that can protect against accidental cuts when crimping.This crimping tool is of excellent quality.

The Cable Crimper and the Cable Tester are packaged in separate retail hanging blister packages.  Both are shipped together in a plain white box.Get yours today at Primecables !

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