Apple’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi New AirPort Extreme Base Station Review

Apple’s New AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Go wireless with Top-notch AirPort Extreme Base Station that support 802.11ac Wi-Fi.It is the most popular Wi-Fi router for Apple,which is available for Home users, especially Apple users who have 802.11ac-supported devices.I am sure you will fall in love with its elegant design,as well as excellent performance.

Actually,this elegant Wi-Fi router is Apple’s new sixth-generation AirPort Extreme Base Station,which is more compact and elegant-and much faster 802.11ac than its previous model.While the features and port offering of this new router without any change.According my testing,it offering Wi-Fi coverage on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands,and when you used a 802.11ac-enabled client,like new MacBook Air,it can at up to 1.3Gbps data speed.this is the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi router i ever used.On the other hand,there is no support for networking customizations,Time Machine backup or media streaming via the USB storage.

easy to use,with WIFI 802.11n

Overall,if you are looking for a Wi-Fi router that comes with elegangt design,supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi,without spend too much,the new AirPort Extreme is good enough to fullfill your needs.You are also welcome to visit our online store to check more promotion item or special deals during the spring clearance season.

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