Oh My God !4×4 Matrix HDMI® Switch & CAT5e/CAT6 Cable $419.99 Only!

4×4 Matrix HDMI® Switch & Splitter over CAT5e CAT6 Cable w Remote

Many things have changed since the home theaters have more wires than before.That can cause bad issues if you’re intending to get everything to connect together.There is no enough ports to connect all your device such as  DVD players, Blu-Ray players, multiple game consoles, media servers, and satellite receivers.The Matrix gives you the ability to switch the four inputs for each display,and each of them can coinstantaneously share the same signal or any combination of different signals.Therefore the 4×4 Matrix HDMI Switch & Splitter is a great ways to solve your troubles at once. It enables you to connect all of those different parts together into one.

4×4 Matrix HDMI® Switch

Unlike most Matrix Switch/Splitters, this model also includes the capability of extending either or both outputs over a pair of Cat5e/Cat6 cables up to 40 meters (131 feet) away! This lets you deliver full 1080p signals further than you could with HDMI cable alone (about 25 feet) and saves you money by using cheaper Cat5e/Cat6 cable for the longer distance delivery.

In addition to the Matrix’s own remote controls, each receiver unit can receive the remote control signals from the remotes for your various source devices (blu-ray player, cable box, etc.). These IR signals are then transmitted back down the Cat5e/Cat6 cables to the main Matrix unit, which then distributes the IR signal to an IR emitter that corresponds to the source device feeding the signal to that receiver. This allows you to use identical source devices with identical remote control codes, yet still independently control each from the remote location, providing the emitters and devices are not positioned so that one can “see” the IR signal intended for the other.

Note: PrimeCables strongly recommends the use of minimum 24 AWG HDMI cables when connecting a device, such as this matrix, between the source and destination devices to ensure minimal signal loss and maximum High Speed signal reliability.


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