Faded Color When Printing

If you come accross faded colors or streaks on the page when you printing with color printers,there are several possible reasons,and the most likely cause determine in what type of printer you are use.If you are using inkjet printer,view the problem as below.

The cause of Faded Color When Printing on an Inkjet Printer:

Faded Color When Printing

The most possible cause of color problem on inkjet models are unclean printhead and block nozzles.The Inkjet printers work through a train of micro nozzles that located on the print heads,spraying ink droplets to the paper than produce image or text,if there is a one or more nozzles are being blocked in your laser printer may lead to usual paper jam,or other printing malfunction;such as prints start coming out with lines, streaks,and more.As we show on the  picture,there are two large white streaks destroy the integrity of the multicoloured that inkjet printers produce.

How to solve Faded Color problems ?
The most commonly used method is to use an automatic cleaning utility to clean the nozzles and remove bug dust from printer.While,this cleaning system will cost a mass of ink to clear the nozzles.If it doesn’t work out,Repeated the steps from time to time untill the problem resolved.It is a challenging task,And the cleaning process will repeated from time to time that requires time,patience,and confidence.For save your ink on cleaning nozzle,try to wait for an hour or so before clean nozzles so that the dried ink attached on the printhead soften.This is not 100% guarantee to works out,but it is worth to have a try.

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