Esoterism Embrace-5 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5/5S

The design of Esoterism Embrace was inspired by the emotion of embracing another person,Esoterism’s Embrace-5 aluminum bumper for iPhone 5/5S is a true pioneer in enriching mobile lifestyle experience.

Live a Classic Aesthetic Lifestyle with Esoterism Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 55S

As an iphone user for many years,the Embrace is my favor case that i ever used on my phone.Everything about Embrace is so great,it was totally made from aluminum.It colligates strong,light weight,and stylish together.

The most creative issue of aluminum bumpers is that it can be get on and off by using screws.But is not so convenient especially when you don’t take screws in hand,you can’t get the bumper off.Even if you have the screws,it might be a little challenging for you to get it off without lose the tiny screws.While ,it’s easy and literally to install the Embrace,only takes a few seconds.

Esoterism Embrace-5 Aluminum Bumper

The inside of the frame is along with a rubber material that won’t scratch up yoour iPhone and gives your iPhone fully protection.It is non-conductive,so it won’t impact your phone signal as well.Get close look,the bumper is cover the edges of the back of your phone.It rises a bit above the surface on the front and back that ensure the save to placing your iPhone on a table.If you would like to give more protection for the back,you can Get a Alcantara Back Plate ( Value $19 ) in color titanium gray and opus noir matches your bumper for FREE!(Alcantara ,a material that is unique and can’t be defined into any category but it’s own.)It seems color make no sense,but when you receive the plates,you will change your mind.

Another thing makes me surprised is that Embrace-5 comes with a strap hole,Nowadays,most of the smartphones don’t have this’s a neat extra feature that enables you to add little phone charms.On the other hand,the volume buttons is a little hard to press down duo to it is  recessed,but you won’t have the same trouble with the sleep/wake button.

To sum up,I’m really impressed with the Esoterism Embrace,which is able to protect my iphone from scratches and shocks without compromising its form and functionality.It is look so great,feel so great,use so great!Now it available for $59,Origonal price $89.It’s time to reveal your style.Live a Classic Aesthetic Lifestyle with Esoterism Aluminum Bumper.

Get a Alcantara Back Plate ( Value $19 ) in color matches your bumper for FREE!

• Made for iPhone 5/5S
• Patented tool-less design
• Precision CNC craftsmanship
• Aerospace grade aluminum frames
• Anodized protective finish
• Non-conductive inner liners
• Strap holes
• Designed and Crafted in Taiwan

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