Cleaning Inkjet Nozzles without Wasting Ink

As is known to all, cleaning the blocked inkjet nozzles is a tough job. The Inkjet printers work through a train of micronozzles that designed on the print heads, spraying ink droplets to the paper than produce image or text. Therefore, if there is a one or more nozzles was blocked, you should use an automatic cleaning utility to clean it immediately, otherwise when the nozzle of the ink becomes dry, will make the clean job more difficult. While this cleaning appliance will cost a mass of ink to clear the nozzles. So, “How To Cleaning Clogged Print Heads Without Wasting Ink “Has Become A Common Issue For People.

Cleaning Inkjet Nozzles without Wasting Ink

For example, the nozzle applies for Brother LC51 Black Ink was become blocked that lead to a usual paper jam, or other printing malfunction; such as prints start coming out with lines, streaks, and blotches and so on. However, the cleaning system itself lack of the ability to build a special color.Therefore,the color of ink consist of LC51C(cyan),LC51M(magenta),LC51Y(yellow),Not just black.These are totally wasted.

If you are using an inkjet printer, you already know that the cost of changing ink cartridges is huge, the ink cost for each page almost the double that is used for a laser printer. Actually, many users cost more 15-25% of their ink’s each time they clean their nozzles. That’s because you need to clean it many times before the problem solved, and each cleaning cycle needs a lot of ink.

In order to save your ink on cleaning nozzle, you can try to wait for a few hours before cleaning up the nozzles because the dried ink attached on the printhead needs some time to soften,therefore,if you are not using your printer frequently,consider turn it off for several days to see if this reduces the problem. This not 100% guarantee it will work out, but it is worth to try. For more methods, you can watch the Printhead Cleaning Video.

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