Top 5 Best Power Bank Battery for your iPhone 5S, iPad and Galaxy mobile devices

Power Bank Battery

Battery play an important role in smartphone,therefore choose a good battery also very important.Today,we would like to recommend Top 5 Best Power Bank Battery for your,these power banks compatible with iPhones,iPad,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S3, Note 3,Note 3,and more.Whatever you travel,play games,or taking video outside,you won’t be disappointed on it.


Top one:YOOBAO® Magic Wand 5200mAh Power Bank,Silver
This external battery comes with 5200mAh,which offers power to your device when you need it most.Furthermore,this unit can charge an iPhone 5 a full 3 times in normal circumstances.As an universal power pack,it contains a great charging USB,which support mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, cameras, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP, NDS, NDSL and MP3/MP4 Players.Beside,its color look make of sleek aluminium-magnesium alloy material Make it not only good-looking,and good quality.In you can get it just $17.99 only !

Top two:Powerocks® 6000mAh Stone 2 Universal Charge Pack Powerbank
The Powerocks Stone 2 is too small to fit anywhere,such as purse, briefcase,as well as backpack.With this small and stronger charging battery pack,you can easily enjoy your work,or vacation.The Powerocks Stone 2 also has a portable, rechargeable lithium battery make it power enough to charge you phone in 2-3 times,plus an LED light for emergency use.It is suitable for iPhone, iPad,ipod, 2 Samsung Galaxy S3.You can have it only $49.95!

Top three:Powerocks® 12000mAh Magic Cube Charge Pack Powerbank
This Powerocks Magic Cube item is a small,colorful aluminum cube,works in three capacities: 6000 mAh, 9000 mAh, and 12000 mAh.It has 2 built-in cables for connect to most smartphones,its so convenient.However,Magic Cube’s maximum Capacity can reach 12000 mAh which enables you charge the iPhone about 8 times on a single charge.Make for Busy parents,students,and business people. Perfect for work,vacation and everyday on-the-go.with reasonable price $89.95

Top four:Powerocks® 2600mAh Universal Stone Powerbank
The Portable Chargepack Stone is works with almost eveything,like iPods, iPhones,BlackBerry, Smartphones, portable game console, GPS, and various other USB devices with Mini and Micro USB connections.Except from this,this great device includs a unique “one touch battery indication”that lets you turning the backup battery on or off with ease.The power bank can charge your device as fast as an OEM wall charger,and can be charged within 5 hours under their max output, by a PC, a USB wall charger or your car charger.Its competitive price $34.99+free shipping makes it so popular.

Top five:PISEN® Portable 2200mAh Power Ban
This Power Bank model offers rich features,as well as excellent performance.And it gives you best price $14.99,$9.99 !it can automatically identify Tablet PC , mobile phones, PSP and others digital products’ voltage and current. Adopt high quality cells, and long-lasting power supply, support quickly charging, no memory effect,and cycle charging more than 1,000 times.Portable power charging for digital devices,Charging for iPhone and most support USB like iPhone, iPhone,MP3,MP4,PSP,mobile phone Bluetooth.You also can use Portable power cable connect with Laptop charging.Package with MOT-2 data cable, high quality material, gold-plated technology and surface dent design are perfect match, it can charge for mobile power bank, and fit for all the mobile phone which have micro interface.

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