Will you buy a new iPhone 5C or 5S?

If you are the type of consumers who spent tremendous amount of time reading sites such as Cnet, techcrunch, mashable, or gizmodo, I am sure that you are already familiar with the newest features that have been released for the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C models, of course having a faster and efficient devices will be always a good idea, but by reading so much technical information, we always miss the fact that what Apple’s current strategy is heading to and from personal curiosity, by which sides consumers  would be more willing to spend their money on , this is a tough question !

IPhone 5C or 5S?

IPhone 5C or 5S?

After weeks of leaking images, rumours or whatever videos that you can find over the internet, finally Apple’s new iPhone models have been released, this time, they are naming for 5C and 5S, the names do not really sound like a big deal since it’s just a way too predictable, however, the features are rather promising.  Especially for the iPhone 5C model, now you got the A6 chip, better camera and new iOS system, the most important, which is probably the lowest price that you have ever seen for this type of product, right now you will only need to spend $99 for the 16GB model  with contract, which is much cheaper than any of their competitors, I am sure that right now Samsung must facing some pressures after the Cupertino 2013 event.

On the other hand, this time Apple announce other model- the iPhone 5S, yeah not 6, which is quite disappointed,  however, the 64 bit A7 chip does really make this model sound  amazing, the speed will be blazing fast so ever, the design is pretty much similar to the previous one if you don’t take the 3 new colors into perspective,  the touch ID with the finger print scanner will be definitely one of the kick start in the mobile industry, and last not the least, they will maintain the similar price compared to the models, with all of the updated features, graphic  as well as speed, this will be pretty much a good deal to spend your money on it, depend how much volume your state of wallet it is.

If you are taking your personal or economical perspective, the release of the two models iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in my opinion, are strategitic efficient, it does not really focus on the previous iPhone users however, now they are targeting the people who are aiming to spend less, and this move will be able to allow Apple to compete with their competitors. No matter which strategy aim that they are heading, I am sure that the consumers will be beneficial after all. So which model will you choose? An iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S? Please let us know !

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