What does 64bit A7 mean for iPhone 5S?

From yesterday, you must have read a lot reports, reviews and comparison of iPhone 5c ,iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. There seems to be most customers sniff at Apple’s new release this time.


iphone-5s 64 bit A7


In short, the only differences between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 are the color and material. They are almost the same thing except the appearance and material.

And some are saying the only bright spot of iPhone 5S is the home bottom has been replaced to the finger printer scanner.


Well, it’s all about the appearance. I’d like to say the inside of iPhone 5s might not attracted most of you now, but it more like a new trend and an marketing outpost of the later products.So looking forward to next step generation iPad, Mac Book in the future.


Let’s talk about the Heart of iPhone 5S here; 64bit A7 processor. Apple, the world’s first, uses computer architecture -64 bit computing into a smart phone. In another words, the CPU of iPhone 5s is almost equal to a computer. It sounds really something, but if you believe what Apple mentioned that the iPhone 5s would be 2x quicker than iPhone 5, you might a little bit disappointed.

The reasons is

Apple iPhone5S 64 bit

Apple iPhone5S 64 bit

The biggest RAM access of 64 bit would be 16 exabytes, which means there are no upper limits of the RAM. And most smartphones own 2GB or 3GB RAM. On the other hands, those computers which use the 64 bit are mostly for high end server terminals, widely used for business.And it is said there are 53.96% computers nowadays are still running under 4GB RAM.

A7 is also astonishing processor for a smartphone. There are 10 hundred million transistors, while Ivy Bridge has 14 hundred million transistors. Unfortunately, there are not many APP from the third parties support 64 bit iPhone so far. Apps from iOS 7 absolutely have upgraded to compatible for 64 bit.Of course, it would be perfect to play games.

iphone 5s m7

iphone 5s m7

In all,  the 64 bit A7 might too“dashing” to iPhone 5s.

So that’s why I said 64bit and A7 would be more useful and expectable on Mac Book and iPad. Let’s wait and see.

Now we have no idea about specific RAM of iPhone 5S.  It won’t be over 4GB,since the power of processing and energy saving should be finally balanced on the mobile terminals. But apple also introduce the M7 motion processor ,which would be help A7 to process some related data and help to save power. And the core motion API would also be a good helper to process some apparel style equipments,such as iWatch.

Any way, Apple is ambitious to give themselves more space to develop next stage. This is just an outpost .


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