The Expiration Date on your Cartridges

As you may have noticed, all the cartridges have a shelf life. The fact of expire date is almost the same concept as the cosmetics or an ink pen. Although we did not find much difference after the expiration of these products, you will still realize there is a sign of ink blockage which probably is due to an expired ink product. It is normally because of the head of the cartridges is dries up. Today I would like to tell you a few things you should know about ink expiration dates.

HP-564XL Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge New Version CN684WN

HP-564XL Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge New Version CN684WN

One thing I will let you know first is that if you use your printer regularly, your ink cartridges will remain in a good condition no matter if it is pass the expiration date you will have no problem at all with it. There are so many popular inkjet brands out there in the market. To check the expiration date, you need to have a look at the bottom or top flap of the box. It is not the same concept as the guarantee date. Typically speaking, expiration dates are one or two years after a warranty date. If you find your ink cartridges are drying up, the most common reason is that your ink cartridges is due to expiration date. After the expiration dates, the cartridges will begin to go bad much faster if you leave your printer non-active. So I recommend you to print at least one page every few weeks to keep everything warm. In the other hand, your cartridges will go bad quickly if you did not refill your cartridges properly and not able to reseal your container. So if your ink cartridges do not performs in a good way, it is either expired or you did not operate in a right way. Once again, if you use your printer often, the expiration date is not an issue for you!

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