How Do I Use Credit Rewards ? (Updated Version)

Thank you for supporting us, just in case for the customers who still don’t know, we do have our own credit reward system especially for the loyal customers! With this amazing feature, you will be able to proceed your payment by using your existing store credits, doesn’t it sound convenient to you? Please feel free to check the following steps to understand how to use your benefits better!

123InkCartridges credit reward system

123InkCartridges credit reward system

Step 1: Log in into your account, make sure you ordered from us at least once. Every returning customer will grant the 2% store credits from the subtotal of your previous order.

Step 2:   When you are about to proceed the “checkout” in the shopping cart, you will see the “credit rewards points” under the subtotal telling you how much store credits that you can spend.

Step 3: By using your store credits, simply click the “credit reward payment option” and fill the amount of credits that you would like to pay and then DONE!


use credit reward system

use credit reward system


What is credit rewards program?

Any order you place will earn you 2% of the subtotal as store credit. Credit rewards for your order will be added to your account automatically after the order has been delivered. You will be able to use it anytime you want

How can I get credit rewards?

Each time you place an order, you will get 2% credit rewards of the orders subtotal. This process is automatically completed by the system. The higher your order subtotal is, the more credit rewards you get.

How do I use credit rewards?

After you get credit rewards, you can use it for any future orders. All you need to do is to input the amount you wish to use in the “credit rewards” column.

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