LifeProof Frē iPhone 5 Case

The Lifeproof Frė is a rugged case for your iPhone 5 that should be able to protect it from everything life throws at it: it’s shock proof, snow proof, dirt proof and water proof. You can even drop it in up to 6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without having any damage done to your phone, which is way more than the normal splash proof and water resistant cases.

Even if it’s tough as nail, it won’t compromise the other functions of your phone, since there’s a clear lens for the camera and flash, allowing you to take pictures in places your phone isn’t capable of normally, like underwater . The case makes the phone a little thicker and heavier with it’s strong components but it’s not a real problem due to the iPhone 5 being a really slim phone.  The case come also with a headphone adapter that screws in the case allowing you to use your headphones while keeping your phone safe, which really come in handy and doesn’t affect at all the headphones sound quality.

You could use this case on a day-to-day base to ensure maximum protection of your phone or only use it when going outdoor.

Our price price for this case: 69.99$  Click for more information

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