iPhone 5s/5c Speculations

There is a lot of buzz going on the phone market about Apple’s new products. Most of those rumours are about the 2 different versions: the iPhone 5S and the 5C. A press is suppose to happen mid-September or early October.

The 5S is rumoured to be an upgraded version with plenty of cool new features that will take the phone to a whole other level. A possible new design for the home button with a finger scanner in it was talked about since Apple bought a year ago AuthenTec, a company specialized in this field. The 5S would also be running iOS 7 with a lot more display and customisation possibilities. A near field communication, like in the Galaxy S4, was in the news too. Also the camera is supposed to receive a big update: either a 12mp camera, the capacity to record videos at 120 fps allowing you to put the video in slow motion once it’s recorded or a larger f/2.0 aperture allowing better pictures in low light environments. A higher capacity battery and a storage up to 128gb were thrown in the mix too. Finally, a gold/champagne colour option was also rumoured in the last months.


On the other side of the spectrum, the iPhone 5C is claimed to be Apple’s new weapon to attack medium level market with a cheaper but still fast phone. It is said that it would use either some components from the 4s and 5 with some less expensive alternative parts. With its plastic case it would allow for a lot of colour options to customers. This version is primarily for the Asian market where people don’t usually pay the big price for phones. It it also speculated that different colours sound buttons would be possible, allowing you to customize even more your phone to really make it unique.

Which phone would you guys buy and why? Is there anything that you would want in those that wasn’t talked about?

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