The Must Have iPhone accessories-Xmini II Capsule Speaker

Need a speaker to share the music from your iPhone during the trip? You need a light, wireless, rechargeable, small speaker but loud enough to share music with friends where ever you are. Just plug and play, X-Mini II Capsule speaker is a 40mm driver which brings a richer and fuller sound for individual or group entertainment. This summer bring the music along with you by choosing the must have iPhone accessories X-mini II, which is offering from our website store with six color options available.

XMI® X-mini II Capsule Speaker

XMI® X-mini II Capsule Speaker

In my opinion, X-mini Capsule speaker is the coolest offering from Singaporean manufacturer X-mini. Now we recommended this golf ball sized on-the-go audio speaker for your summer vacation traveling entertainment. X-mini comes with different colors. You have the choice of Black, Silver, Red, Purple, Green and Orange. The quality is good enough to rely on. You are able to use it inside or even outside with concern free. It is portable. There is a 3.5mm audio jack compatible with media players, mobile phone and laptops. As well as, it delivers a superb audio effect with advanced sound technologies. X-mini offers up to 12 hours playback time.

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