Use our Canon KP-108IN 4″ x 6″ Photo Paper to Print High Quality Images at Home

The Canon KP-108IN Photo paper is perhaps the most economical way to LOWER  your cost, especially if you are the type of person who prints out photo images frequently. From now on, you will no longer need to go to the printing centre and spend tremendous amount of money for just few pages with the advantage of this Canon KP-108IN 4″ x 6″ Photo Paper. It even got ink cartridges provided inside the package. I am sure that you will be totally addicted to the fact that you are able to transfer your files from your mobile device directly into your printer. By paying as low as $43.99, without even mentioning our one year guarantee plus our $49+ FREE SHIPPING benefit, just simply do the math and I am sure that you will find that this deal is totally worth it.




The Canon KP-108IN Photo paper features both the photo printing paper as well as the ink cartridges in one single package. The Canon photo paper contains 108 pages of the standard 4×6 size the Canon’s own trademark in the back to show its authenticity. The Canon KP-108in ink cartridges are easy to install which is the same thing for removal. It uses the dye sublimation technology, so you will realize that the colours are more sharper and more vivid. It is fully compatible with the printer models such as Canon SD1100, CP-220, CP-330 and SELPHY CP400, CP510, CP600, CP710, CP720, CP730, CP740, CP760, CP770, CP780, CP790 and CP800. In my opinion this is lot more versatile than the other models. It’s not common that you see photo paper and ink cartridges in one single package. Let’s say if you unfortunately  finish the extra packs that you bought, you can always check the compatible cartridges for the best performance at the lowest cost possible on our web site at

Canon KP-108IN OEM 4″ x 6″ Colour Photo Paper & Ink Kit   Compatible Printers /  Canon CP-220   /  Canon CP-330   /  Canon CP400   /  Canon CP510   /  Canon CP600   /  Canon CP710   /  Canon CP720   /  Canon CP730   /  Canon CP740   /  Canon CP760   /  Canon CP770   /  Canon CP780   /  Canon CP790   /  Canon CP800   /  Canon CP900

OEM Model

Canon KP-108IN OEM




3 Ink Cartridge

Shelf Life

2 Years


3 ink Cartridges/Ribbons and paper to produce 108 (4″ x 6″) prints


4″ x 6″ photo paper 108 Sheets

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