Use Epson T088 Ink Cartridges for your NX100, CX4450 and CX7450 Stylus Printer

The Epson T088 ink cartridges series is perhaps the most cost-effective with its astonishing printer quality and low cost. It is also as known as Epson 88 cartridges in the market, this replacement Epson t088 supports many printer models such as the NX100, CX4450 and CX7450 Stylus printer. This value pack features 4 colors in total (Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow) and it allows you to print the same amount as the cartridge from the original manufacturer. It has a shelf life up to 2 years and an incredibly LOW PRICE of $8.40. I am sure that if you are a person that loves to print  photos from the trips and events you went, then you will have a soft spot for those Epson compatible ink cartridges.Epson-T088 compatible ink cartridges

Epson-T088 compatible ink cartridges

All our Epson T088 ink contain as much ink as the original products. People always ask us what’s the main differences between the OEM Epson T0881 ink and the compatible one. The only thing is the cost that you are paying, basically you are paying more for OEM cartridges because they come with the brand name and guarantee. For the ones from 123InkCartridges, we are offering an economic alternative that gives you the opportunity to SAVE MORE, while maintaining the similar ink performance that you are used to get. Please remember that all our cartridges are covered with a one year guarantee. For more information regarding  our Epson compatible ink cartridges, you can always check our web site at

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2 comments on “Use Epson T088 Ink Cartridges for your NX100, CX4450 and CX7450 Stylus Printer

  1. chesley squires

    The last ink i purchased from 123 ink the red cartridge won’t
    charge. can u send me a replacement? I cannot use the printer as is.
    its for a epson stylus nx130
    my address as follows

    2 2447 apt. waverely ns b2r 1t3


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