Torrent SureConnect HDMI Cables –One of the most useful Cable you should own

Torrent offers a range of the best HDMI cables that brings immersive sound and clear picture quality to your home theater without the annoying noises.

In previous blogs we talked about standart cable specs, and mentioned that very few HDMI Cables carried high frequencies; most of them using amplifier to compensate the loss of frequency or the quality of the source. However this one is able to do this job perfectly.

Torrent SureConnect™ HDMI Cables

Torrent SureConnect™ HDMI Cables

SureConnect developed by Torrent HDMI cables outperforms both discount HDMI cables and high–priced HDMI cables by offering innovative new features, some of them are presently patent-pending. It ensures to deliver one of the best HDMI digital signal with more than decent cable connection, verification and cable shielding.

Several features of SureConnect

MagLoc: This magnetic connector improves the HDMI connection strength from 3 to 5 times compared to a regular connector.

  • VeriFYI: This light tells you whether the HDMI cable connect correctly.
  • Singal Armor: A five layer shielding perfect against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • AmpliFIRE: Powerfully boosts and amplifies the signal, making it ideal for longer cable.
  • HDMI Certified: SureConnect HDMI cables are certified with the standart HDMI 1.3C specification.
  • Eco-Friendly : Torrent cables materials are made without harmful substances to the environment like PVC and halogen gases.
Torrent SureConnect™ HDMI Cables

Torrent SureConnect™ HDMI Cables

Torrent SureConnect  is perfect for a basic home theater. The SELECT series HDMI cable is Torrent’s low –priced HDMI cable, it’s a perfect choice to whoever wants a solid performance for their home theater or gaming devices. It is a high performance HDMI cable with gold plated connectors, but still at low price.


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