Laptop Charger Adapter combo kit-Targus 90W Universal

Forgetting your laptop charger at home while on a vacation? Your old version universal laptop charger stopped working? Do you need a new replacement with the lightest weight, better durable quality? Targus 90 Universal Notebook/Mps AC adapter combo kit is one solution to all the questions. This product is available from our online store. Right now it has a promotion of 70% off, 20.99$ only! (Market price 69.99$)

Targus 90 Universal Notebook/Mps AC adapter combo kit

Targus 90 Universal Notebook/Mps AC adapter combo kit

Targus 90 Universal charger is able to fully charge your laptop when nothing else could. It saved you having an unnecessary DC jack change. This product is an excellent replacement for the original laptop charger. The kit comes with a longer power cord than original equipment, which is a big bonus. Fast charging USB port, and universal adapters  It is a worth purchase as a replacement power cord for your work laptop. The charger kit comes with 7-tips to fit a variety of laptops.The user manual was short and straightforward, and you will have no problem choosing the right adapter plug for your laptop. The Targus charger with adapter plug is sturdy and well constructed. It worked flawlessly whenever you need it. Not as other power brick which will go over temperature during the connection, Targus power brick stayed cool and was completely silent as it should be. This universal laptop charger is that the adapter plugs are keyed so they can only attach to the DC power supply cord one way. You will definitely like this feature since it eliminating the possibility of reversing the polarity by accident and potentially frying your laptop. Targus charger adjusts the output voltage automatically which is also another feature of reducing the potential for human error.

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