iPhone 5 Juice Pack Battery Case

The battery of your iPhone is out during the long trip while you really need to use it? I am sure this happen to almost all the iPhone owners. Do not worry! Juice Pack Battery case for iPhone 5 is the best solution! Not only give a great protection to your iPhone, it is able to double the time for you to use your iPhone. While the market price is 80-100$, we offer this juice pack battery case a discount which are under 50$ plus free shipping.

iPhone 5 Battery Case Juice Pack 2000mAh

iPhone 5 Battery Case Juice Pack 2000mAh

You will just love how the pink case looks. The Juice pack case looks like a sleek sports car. Moreover, the pink color is just keeping grabbing people’s attention. You will receive the good comments all the time. With a great finish on the case, it is very sleek and stylish. It fits your iPhone perfectly, no gap at all. When you held this case, you will defiantly love how this Juice pack case felt in your hand. It’s smooth but not in the way that make you feel like you will drop it. Sound comes clearly through the speaker grill. You will be heard just fine through the receiver grill. All the button overlays work perfectly. The camera cutout in the back works great. You are able to charge your iPhone by a micro USB. As well as, you can place your iPhone screen down on a table but not touch it by the lip on the battery case.

juice baterry pack for iphone 5

juice battery pack for iphone 5

Juice Pack Battery Case is definitely a must have for all road warriors or iPhone game fan. This backup power is worth the money. Simply visit our web store www.iPhoneGala.com  to discover more iPhone accessories with cheap prices.

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