External Power Bank Charger Backup iPhone 5 Battery Case

What will be the most efficient iPhone 5 Battery Case or external backup battery for your mobile devices? The answer will all rely on the Powerocks® Universal Stone Power Bank 3000mA, this portable chargepack stone is not only compatible to Apple iPhone related devices, moreover, it also suits for BlackBerry, gaming console, or whatever smartphones that you can find it in the market, as long as they got a USB connectors, with a simplistic Mini or Micro USB cable, you will be able to instant charge your phone from 0% to full capacity, isn’t that amazing enough? I am sure that you will not regret if you are the type of customers who usually spent tremendous amount of time playing smartphone games while inside the metro or waiting for the bus, with this amazing external  backup battery charger, you no longer need to worry about saving your battery just only to make an extra phone calls.

iPhone 5 external battery pack

iPhone 5 external battery pack


The Powerocks Universal Stone Power Bank features fast and instant charging for most of the mobile and electronic devices. This item has a touch battery which will allow you to switch power on or off with ease, just simply charge this back up battery without 4 hours by a PC or USB wall charger and then they will function perfectly while the next day that you needed it, good for more than one phone charge and has a LED charge status indicator which will show you how much battery that it still has, perfect good for long distance travelling, if you are ever looking for a all-in-one perfect instrument to provide you all the electronic source that you will need, this Universal Stone Power battery pack will always gonna be the right choice!

Powerocks® Universal Stone Power Bank 3000mAh, White $34.99
Powerocks® Universal Stone Power Bank 2600mAh, Black $34.99
Powerocks® Universal Stone Power Bank 2600mAh, Pink $34.99
Powerocks® Universal Stone Power Bank 2600mAh, Red $34.99

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