Epson T036120 Compatible Ink Cartridges Costs $1.50 ONLY!!!!

Epson T036120 Compatible Ink Cartridges is a dye based ink that you can find on the current market. The Epson ink cartridges don’t just give you the highest resolution and colour saturation, their compatible models will grant you the page capacity up to 330 pages, which is same as what the OEM model offers. With its extremely easy to install procedure as well as it’s Dry formula, you will clearly see the differences on the images you print. It will have higher level of resistance fading out on all type of paper media. Currently we are selling this amazing product for as low as $1.50 PER CARTRIDGES. I am sure that this will be the perfect choice whenever you are looking for an economic but efficient cartridge. The Epson T036 cartridges will always be your right choice for the lowest price as possible.

Epson-T036120 ink canada

Epson-T036120 ink canada

This Epson T036120 compatible ink supports printers such as  Epson Stylus C422B   /  Epson Stylus C42S   /  Epson Stylus C42SX   /  Epson Stylus C42UX   /  Epson Stylus C44UX , which are mostly known as the small printers suitable for personal use, small business or office environment. The idea of implementing this type of cartridges is that you raise your quality with its vivid color, especially when using photo printing which the Epson printers are generally known for, without having to go way over your budget for those and being able to keep your photo printing cost to a minimum. If you are the type of person who spends tremendous amounts of money printing photo outside, then you should definitely get a printer from the list above and use the Epson T036120 ink to save up even more. For more information, you can always visit our web site at for more specific printer and cartridges information.

OEM Model



Dye based ink


1 Ink Cartridge


New Compatible

Shelf Life

2 Years


Ink Cartridge


Up to 220 pages


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