Doxie Go Rechargeable Paper Scanner will be the Next Secret Office Weapon!

Why Choose Doxie® Go Paper Scanner?

If you are currently a student, an office clerk or a marketing professional, you will surely understand how it’s important to have a portable paper scanner in your office and that is why today in our blog review I am going to introduce you our Doxie® Go Rechargeable Paper Scanner. This is not a simply an image scanner buddy! The features of this product are way more useful than just that. With it, it’s possible scan every single document, flyer, photo, receipt note, drawing or whatever paper that you can simply put in this scanner. With its super tiny and fast scanning speed, you will be able to improve your work efficiency with ease. Since it’s really compact and uses a rechargeable battery, you can carry it around the office or home with ease. All it takes, is 8 little seconds to get your scanning done and put that into your database with a standard USB cable. It’s also really easy to sync it with a mobile device, only takes few extra steps and you will be able to store scanned picture into your SD card without problems.




The Doxie® Go scanner offers amazing advanced scanner function, it will make all your scanning work possible while on the go. Since the company itself has included its own software with a PDF, Dropbox and Evernote compatibility, all you need to do is install the software and then you will be ready to enjoy the fast speed full color 600 dpi scanning in minutes. The package itself includes a USB sync cable charger so no worries if you are currently having an iPhone or ipad devices. If you need the file to be saved in format such as Png or JPEG it’s possible as well with just a single click.  With its own intelligent adjustment feature, it will deliver crisper, cleaner and the most clear copies, with the capacity of cropping, rotating or even adding special effects to boost contrast for further processing. It’s currently sold as low as $200, which is much cheaper and powerful than any scanner you might find around !


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