Cool iPhone 5 Accessories –More than an iPhone 5 Case

I am looking for some cases not only for protection my iPhone 5, but also design with some funny and particle functions. Here I choose 4 high quality branded iPhone 5 cases, which easier my daily life. Find one fit for you habit , somehow iPhone 5 Cases are more than cases.

1. Juice pack battery case for iPhone 5
How “juice” this iPhone 5 battery pack it is?  The capacity of this battery case is up to 2000mAh. Since it is from LBT , you will get them by cheaper price than Mophie Juice case battery pack. The only shortage we noticed is the long time charging for first useing, almost take 3 hours to charge to full capacity. But after that, it is perfect and flexible to be your rechargeable external battery case outside anytime.  Plus this iPhone 5 battery case is ultra-thin and light weight, which fits to any pockets. No worries to be your burden everywhere you go. Detail..

2. Griffin Midtown Wallet
I guess many of you are those people who go outside without any bags, only hands.
Griffin Midtown wallet case for iPhone 5 should be a nice choice for you. As the wallet I would like to choose one with classic shape, and best made by high-end leather to show the personal sense; one iPhone 5 wallet case like Griffin Midtown, with decent card slots, simple folio design which keep the privacy.
Organized and convenience wallet case for you iPhone 5, reduce the chances to left your stuff outside.

3. Incase® Armband Sports iPhone 5 case
For those who are sports lover, iPhone 5 Armband case is the must-have. Whatever you are in jogging or hiking, music lasts your sports time and enhance your performance somehow.
Incases armband is the ideal training partner. The touch sensitive screen cover delivers sweat proof protection. And it is made by washable neoprene with reflective details.

4. iCircle + Bagbrick Premium Combo
iCircle is an innovative cover with swivel circle stand for iPhone5. The circle in its back is made by high quality aluminum. Only a finger click, it is easier to make you enjoy 4 kinds of views for e-reading, watching movie, or playing game. And it is unbelievable light and slim. How flexible and sturdy stand it is.
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