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I am always wondering what else iPad couldn’t do nowadays? It facilitates the way of working and studying, it replaces the paper and books; it changes the living habit we used to be gradually. All the changes not only based on those APPs, but also cool gadgets and accessories for iPad. Here are the new arrivals in iPhonegala now, checking those out and you will find something good to know.

  1. BlueMicrophones® Spark Digital USB and iPad Microphone

    BlueMicrophones® Spark Digital USB and iPad Microphone

    BlueMicrophones® Spark Digital USB and iPad Microphone

This is really cool accessories for iPad, the world’s first studio condenser microphone to offer both USB and iPad connectivity. Works with GarageBand and other recording applications, makes your own music at home or somewhere just give you an inspiration.

The fantastic design and quality tell you everything with first glance. Thanks for the Focus Control technology; which makes this digital microphone has two different usage modes to capture greater and detail dynamic frequency.

   2. iOttie™ Waterproof Skin for iPad 2 / 3 / 4 

  1. iotti waterproof skins for ipad

    iotti waterproof skins for ipad

This waterproof skin released for one year, but it still the best iPad waterproof skins at favorable price I would take.  The package included 2 packs of skins, 4 pink leakage indicators for multipurpose activities. Better to read instruction carefully before you coat it on, what left is to enjoy every pampering night.

3. NomadBrush® Compose / Nomad FleX Styli pens

NomadBrush® for ipad

NomadBrush® for ipad

This amazing product is designed to paint. I dare to say you would addict to it as the first time using.  The brush tip is 0.7’’ long, and is made of synthetic fibers. The unique dual-tipped design of the Nomad Compose ensures that you can quickly access the preferred tip for creating on your touch screen devices. Whatever the long tips or the short tip works smoothly and flawlessly with a light touch.


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