Back to School with iPad Camouflage Magnetic Leather Smart Cover

Military camouflage patterns have been popular in fashion and art from as early as 1919. And in this back to school season, I will recommend you the Camouflage Magnetic Leather Smart Cover Stand for apple iPad 3/4, which is also now on 57%off and the price is 11$ only (was 25.99$). This Magnetic leather smart cover consists of two parts which including folio cover and internal hard protective case. It fits your iPad perfectly and has full access to all the features and ports. It is able to turn on the iPad when you open it and turn it off when you close it with it’s build-in magnet. There are three grooves on the interior of the cover which makes it possible for you to adjust your iPad in different positions more convenient depending of what you are doing like: typing onscreen keyboard, viewing movies, videos and slide shows etc. This camouflage leather case is compatible with iPad 3 and 4 and is able to protect your iPad from scratches and shocks without compromising its form and functionality. This product is available at, it is also available in 4 colors: Pink, Blue, Green and Brown. Let’s Camouflage your iPad this semester and have a Military fashion by getting this high quality Polyurethane leather with soft micro fiber interior lining Magnetic iPad Smart Cover.

Camouflage Magnetic Leather Smart Cover Stand for iPad 3 & 4

Camouflage Magnetic Leather Smart Cover Stand for iPad 3 & 4

Camouflage was firstly issued green and later more color choices were available for all armies, in the mid 18th Century, this form of fashion soon started spreading for most military equipment. Camouflage has many patterns in form of different color for different purpose. The first “Venetian Blue” or Bluish-green camouflage was used as early as year 56-54BC by Julius Caesar during the Gallic Wars. Normally, the blue pattern is aimed to camouflage against the sea; as well as brown, grey and green is aimed to camouflage against the ground, sky and forest respectively.

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